Foreign imported desserts in Saigon

Buttery taste of purple sweet potato from Japan, sandwich attached with ice cream from Singapore, crepe cake from France or fragrant Waffle from Belgium are preferred by Saigon people more and more.

Purple sweet potato is preferred by Japanese people because it is in a panacea food group that helps to keep fit, makes beauty and safe. Therefore, it is no surprise when the dish originates from Japan. The thin and little tough caramel layer covers soft sweet potato inside which make you feel like you are eating a long candy. The sweetness of caramel and the buttery taste of potato together with little cinnamon powder on top will no longer make you feel tired from this kind of potato. The dish is best suitable on rainy days.

Sandwich with ice cream

sandwich kep kem

If you are not Singaporean, you will not know that one of famous dishes in high price street Orchard, Singapore is the dish sandwich with ice cream that is sold on common carts; it looks quite out of tone compared to surroundings. The dish has appeared for tens of years and always attracts a lot of dinners, even they accept to line up for 15- 20 minutes to wait for their course.

At present, the sandwich with ice cream is delivered to Saigon with flavors of Singapore. The sandwich has flavor of pandan or strawberry, clamped two candies in the middle, added a little suitable sauce which make the dessert wonderful on sunny days.

Crepe Cake

banh crepe

Crepe cake or another call “kếp cake” in Vietnamese comes from France. But when entered Vietnam, the cake is made as Japanese style. The crust of crepe cake is made of flour, egg, milk, and butter and flattened as a rice paper wrapper. The cake contains a variety of fillings for your choice such as: fruit, strawberry, tuna, cheese, chocolate, etc.

Crepe makers are called artisans, because they non-stop create new flavors. Sometimes, you can ask the chef as your request for the cake that is different with available ones in menu to change your taste. The crepe crust is usually used to roll, the filling inside looks as a cone-shape ice cream, very eye-catching!

Waffle Cake


Waffle cake is a kind of pies from Belgium, the outside cake looks like the bee nest cake that is sold by vendors on Saigon street but more fragrant and tastier. Waffle is made of flour, milk and egg, usually served with fresh ice cream, fruits, jam, and chocolate sauce. The crust is baked until crusty outside and plastic and fragrant flavor of egg and milk. This is a favorable dessert in Saigon.

If you want to find a restaurant for such these dishes, you can visit Nguyen Van Cu street, Ton That Thiep street, Dinh Tien Hoang street or Japanese or French restaurants in Saigon.

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