Foreign Tourists pay out for working as a farmer and a chef in Saigon

More than 1,000 foreign tourists in Saigon have found farming and cooking courses at vegetable farm in Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh city.

Foreign tourists pay out to work as a farmer and chef.


This is a new ecotourism program in Ho Chi Minh city. Coming here, tourists will be introduced and learned of cultivation of popular vegetable and roots in Vietnam. Results after lessons are tasty dished imbued with Vietnamese flavor which is cooked by foreign tourists.


The farm has a rice field for tourists to visit and learn more about the major food plant of Vietnam.


After reading guide book, tourists play as a farmer with conical leaf hats, and then start to cultivate and harvest traditional vegetable and roots in Vietnam as bean, eggplant, etc.


Mr. Tuan- owner of the farm said that: “the fresh clean farm has been established for two years with a variety of vegetables that are daily used in Vietnam meals. All vegetables and roots here are grown under clean standard, not using chemical fertilizer, therefore; it does not have strange smell and high quality but input fee is much higher than popular vegetable gardens.”


Only use organic fertilizer, vegetables here are described green and fertile.


Foreign tourists seem be lost in the world of vegetable. Harvested vegetables and roots will be used for cooking courses.


Chefs will guide tourist how to cut vegetables and roots in right way.


Mr. Jason from America is paying attention to the way to make sizzling cake- a specialty of Vietnamese people.


Each course here costs about VND 1.3 million for foreign tourists, depending to menu and course time. After cooking, tourists will have chance to enjoy their products.


Tourists are also issued a certificate of honor by the farm after the course.

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