Foreign Tourists Share Five Ways To Discover Saigon

Foreign Tourists Share Five Ways To Discover Saigon. Traveling on two- wheel vehicles, visiting restaurants on small lanes, enjoying local cuisine or art performances at the City Opera house, etc.

Visiting Saigon by two- wheel vehicles

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Staying a city where almost people use motorbike, it is better way to use two- wheel vehicles to ride around the city and enjoy the atmosphere here. If you do not know how to ride, do not worry, the tour service of GoVietnamtour offer you professional drivers who will take you around the city, go to shopping, eating or anywhere you want to get. If you want to experience, you can hire a motorbike to discover Saigon streets in your own way.

Visiting Odd Parks

Unlike other theme parks, Fairy Stream park is situated in district 9 of Saigon. It is inspired from culture and characters in Buddhism. Moreover, do not miss Unicorn Palace, it will create more interesting feelings.

Taking A Stroll In Restaurants On Small Lanes

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When taking a stroll on Saigon streets, do not hesitate to visit restaurants located deep in small lanes. If you are not sure of finding restaurants, let’s visit Café Tram and beautiful outdoor landscapes with green gardens.

Enjoying An Art Performance at the City Opera House

Saigon Opera House- Ho Chi Minh Municipal Theatre. Located in a convenient location in the city center, this is seen as the central and municipal theater where takes place theatrical and art performances and can also be used to organize big events. It is also the oldest theater as a sample of Western European architecture.

Instead of spending time to finding art performances at somewhere, let visit the City Opera House and buy a ticket to watch a program. The fee for an art performance here is very reasonable and you will be attracted in a special space with nice interior and French architecture.

Enjoying Local Cuisine

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Saigon street food is really great. Do not hesitate to enjoy them. You can enjoy such these food on sidewalks or markets.

Thrillist said that it must not enjoy the food in the star restaurant of Michellin are gourmets. To explore the beauty of the culinary culture of each country, the delicious street food is not a bad choice. Thrillist also said that the street food in major cities in Southeast Asia has always topped in the rank.

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