Forest Pork Meat Served in Baskets at District 1


With reasonable price 450,000 VND, a basket of forest pork meat will make you “out of money” because you can not resist its delicious taste.

Located in Ham Nghi street, one of busiest cuisine streets of district 1, the Night shop attract customers because of its simple appearance with hand- writing signboard, wooden tables and chairs, menu is stuck on glass or on the Old Quarter picture on wall.

thit heo 1

With the aim to bring Northern flavor to Southern area, the shop’s menu is dishes imbued with Northern flavor such as: fresh pig’s ear spring rolls, rib porridge, snail noodle, snail ball, etc. Recently, the shop has added a lot of new dishes in wild styles such as: dove meat with four dishes: baked, roasted, fried with butter, and fried with chili and chicken meat in four dishes: boiled, fried, and salad. Most highlight and strangest dish is the forest pork meat in 5 dishes. In which, 4 dishes: steamed, baked, fried and boiled are placed on a basket and forest pork meat fried with bamboo shoots is served in a separate bowl.

thit heo 2


thit heo 3

Each dish has its own color on the basket, added green color of vegetable, brown color of shrimp paste; they all create a delicious picture. Although the forest pigs are raised in farms, pork meat still own thick and crispy skin and lean and tasty meat. If this kind of meat is steamed with citronella, it is really hard to stop your chopsticks. The stage of marinating and grill it on charcoal is more difficult. Each piece of meat ensures soft enough, rough enough, and tasty seasoning. Occasionally nibbling perilla leave or basil leaves, the dish will have a stronger taste. The attraction places on the tasty barbecue, the scent of soft steamed meat and stir-fried forest pork meat. In addition, such these dish are added with spicy curry, spicy chili, spicy garlic, and greasy coconut milk. It is more delicious when served with bread.

thit heo 4


thit heo 5

After enjoying a basket of forest pork meat with plentiful colors and tastes, the course of forest meat fried with bamboo shoots will make you full. If just look, you will see the fried dish familiar, but when tasting broth, you will feel the difference. The broth is sweet, tasty and fragrant together with other strange tastes.


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