Four Highlights Vuvuzela Beer Club at SC VivoCity

Four Highlights Vuvuzela Beer Club at SC VivoCity . Vuvuzela beer club chain just opened a new branch in the 5th floor, Trade Center SC VivoCity, Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, HCMC.

A pioneer of beer club in Vietnam, Vuvuzela is present at most big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Vinh, Vung Tau, Bien Hoa, etc. The expansion into vibrant urban area – District 7, Ho Chi Minh city showed its ability to capture customer demand and strong growth potential of the Vuvuzela. Compared with the other beer clubs, Vuvuzela SC VivoCity is outstanding with many highlights to create differences in location, interior, quality service and attractive promotions. Now introduces Four Highlights Vuvuzela Beer Club at SC VivoCity.

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Vuvuzela Beer Club at SC VivoCity

Place in a modern complex

Appearing at SC Vivo City District 7 shows its customer target is dynamic young people, like to experience and express themselves from the Vuvuzela. Situated in premium trade center, Vuvuzela SC VivoCity is not just a destination for the young but also the exciting entertainment venue for families with many delicious dishes and fresh drinks.

Trade Center SC VivoCity is considered as the most modern complex in Vietnam, including supermarkets, entertainment centers, education centers, fashion, spa and highlights with IMAX cinema. In addition, the District 7 area is concentration of many strata of the population, the community of foreigners who live and work in the city. Thus, Vuvuzela will be unique compared to the same beer club system in other locations.

Impressive entertainment space

Located at the top floor (5th floor), Vuvuzela SC VivoCity is divided into two areas of entertainment, different from Vuvuzela Zen Plaza of the same system. Outdoor parks together with dry and water playground for children create a touch of comfort for tourists who love the freedom and liberal. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity overlooking the surrounding landscape from above, green spaces covered from front lawns that create a poetic afternoon scene.

Area inside the restaurant with a modern design that is mixed classic style, large bar, with fresh beer towers can help customers enjoy right away. Colors of wooden furniture and black metal items create a cozy atmosphere.

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Area inside the restaurant of Vuvuzela Beer Club at SC VivoCity

PG enthusiastic team

With the motto “customer as the king”, Vuvuzela always tries to please customers even the most discerning customers. Friendly, whole-hearted ans enthusiastic staffs will make your entertainment more perfect. Moreover, Vuvuzela SC VivoCity also has a team of beautiful and attractive PG which creates a new appearance at the restaurant.

Attractive Incentives

In May, Vuvuzela SC VivoCity has many incentives for diners. You will be awarded an additional 10 glasses when drinking 10 glasses of beer and also is given 10 glasses when going in a group of 4 people.

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Besides, active leisure activities with the participation of DJs, famous dancers, etc. which often take place in Vuvuzela will bring you a new experience in the famous beer club in Saigon.

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