Four Types of Buffet Should Try in Saigon


If buffet on board is an interesting cuisine journey, sushi buffet will help you freely discover exciting things in the country of cherry flowers.

Buffet on board

buffet 1

buffet 2

The buffet on board seems to like a small cuisine journey. First, exploring Saigon from river banks with bustling Ton Duc Thang street, glittering hotels or shimmering Bitexco building at night. When the boat starts running, it’s time you just enjoy good food that are beautifully presented, just to feel cool winds from the river. Depending your seat position or river crossing, you will discover a strange Saigon on the river. Boats depart at 7pm and back at 9pm at the station. Ticket prices range from VND 250,000 to 1.5 million. Apart from the evening buffet, lunch meal on weekends, you may travel on Saigon boats.

Sushi conveyor

buffet 3

buffet 4

buffet 3 buffet 5

In Saigon, Buffet sushi or sushi conveyor is at Kuru Kuru only. Joining the sushi conveyor, we not only discover the colorful world of sushi, but you can also use any type of your favorite sushi to sip. In addition, you can try from cheap sushi rolls such as: butter, crab and vegetables to luxury sushi such as: salmon, grilled eel and strange eggs. Apart from sushi, the restaurant also serves a variety of dishes from sunrise country as bread, pancakes, tempura, etc

Address: 149 Nguyen Du, District 1, Ho Chi Minh

Barbecue buffet at the table

buffet 6

buffet 7

buffet 11

buffet 8

buffet 9

Buffet is often defaulted “self-service”, who eat and drink anything they like. Buffet Brazil is the same. But there are two reasons why you chose Buffet Brazil to experience. First, the restaurant has designed open kitchen, diners can look thorough process and material preparation. Second in the list of more than 200 dishes, 5 grilled dishes are processed and served at the table for each guest.

Address: 10AB Thai Van Lung street, Ben Nghe ward, district 1

Yogurt/ Ice- cream Buffet

buffet 12

buffet 13

buffet 14

buffet 15

buffet 16

Attending the cream buffet, you will enjoy all displayed ice cream here. In particular, apart from familiar taste as vanilla, beans, milk, etc., there are special taste as green tea, salted caramel, coffee, grape, coconut, chocolate, strawberry, coffee – chocolate, etc.

Address: 53 Pasteur, ward Ben Nghe, district 1 or 22 Tran Khac Chan, Tan Dinh ward, district 1 or 29-31 Ton That Thiep, District 1.

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