Fried Quail with Butter at To Hien Thanh


chim cut chien bo

The restaurant of fried quail with butter at To Hien Thanh street first was just a cart with 2 small tables. After that, because of crowd of customers, the shop has to serve more tables and stools, and move to a new and more spacious place at Dong Nai street. In old address, the shop still arranges a cart selling take-away food and marketing for new address.

Fried quail with butter lovers will not resist the fragrant smell of this dish. People eat the dish because of craving, remembering, or chatting with friends together with fragrant fried quail dish and hot bread. The quail meat is dipped with pepper salt squeezed half of a kumquat and the bread is dipped into greasy sauce.

chim chien bo

The shop of fried quail with butter is located near the edge of sidewalk. It is why it attracts pedestrians with fragrant smell and keeps dinners’ steps because of tender and greasy flavor together with shaking sauce.

Firstly, the  quail is fried just gold enough to attract passers, when customers order, the fried quail will be fried again until crispy.

The fried quail with butter is usually served with bread, cucumber, sour food, Vietnamese mint. But the most delicious part must take the dipping sauce into account that decides what shop is better. According to the shop owner, the sauce must be viscous and fat but not greasy, tasty but not hard and a little sweetness for Sai Gon satisfaction. The sauce of this shop is highly appreciated  by many dinners. Although they have to wait a quite long queue because the quail is not fried quick enough to serve crowd of customers. Meanwhile, there are hot crispy bread dipping with a bowl of charming sauce from marinated quail, it is also interesting to forget the frustration.

Of course, the quail must be fried enough to make quail meat fat and tender but wings, head and legs are crispy. That all is an art. If over cooked, the quail meat will be dry and not delicious. The color of fried quails partly talks about it quality. The most delicious one is golden brown fried quail. The pink orange color of chemicals is immediately recognized by observant people or will be not cared about by difficult people.

Address: 212 To Hien Thanh street, Ward 15, district 10, Ho Chi Minh city

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