Glance at Saigon Via Bridges

Ho Chi Minh city now has more than 200 bridges. Looking Saigon through bridges is a new tour experience to tourists who are familiar to the busiest city in Vietnam.

Star Light Bridge


Star Light bridge is located in new urban area Phu My Hung, district 7, cross Thay Tieu canal, connecting Half-moon lake and Dao canal. The bridge is considered most beautiful bridge in Saigon with fanciful and shimmering light system on floor, steps, under bridges along with water spray systems on two sides look very eye-catching. Moreover, two large squares located on two bridgeheads are designed in a strange-looking style imitate moon palace and the sun which make walkers feel like stepping on thousands of sparkling stars.

Star Light bridge is served for walkers only to sightsee and take photos to keep beautiful moments of busy city over 300 years old.

Thu Thiem Bridge

cau thu them

Thu Thiem bridge is a long bridge of 1,250 meters, connecting two Saigon river’s shores in district 2 and Binh Thanh district. The modern bridge has 6 lanes from new urban area Thu Thiem into city center and vice versa. It is said that Thu Thiem bridge has become a symbol of the life full of energy of a young city during period of changing its look.

Phu My Bridge

cau phu my

Phu My Bridge is the first cable-stayed and largest scale bridge in Saigon with a length of over 2,000 m. The bridge is over the Saigon River connecting the District 2 and District 7, is seen as a new gateway to the city in order to reduce the load of vehicles on the Saigon Bridge.

Since coming into operation, Phu My bridge has become one of wonderful destination to view the Ho Chi Minh city. Coming here, you will feel like standing a part of countryside river with vast water along with stretched islands. Looming under  green coconut rows are  tilted roofs, and boats carrying fruits ups and downs. At night, it is made noise with laugh and happy voices of young couples with love locks hanging over the corridor bridge.

Ong Lon Bridge

cau ong lon

Ong Lon bridge is located on Highway Nguyen Van Linh district 7, spanning over canal Ong Lon canal. The bridge has dome structure, concrete- stuffed steel pipes first used in Vietnam. From far away you can quickly realize Ong Lon bridge with a red -featured coat.

Located on the largest and most modern urban roads in Saigon, Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard,  Ong Lon bridge brings the hustle of the busy city but still keeps the gentle and polite beauty thanks to riverside landscape and trees around.

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