Golden pig shaped – baked cake a lovely gift


banh nuong lon

When it comes to baked cakes in mid-autumn festival, surely that no one has ever not addicted the kind of bake cake with golden pig shape. In the past, it was quite expensive and each box included a flock of pigs (1 mother pig with filling and 10 child pigs without filling just baked flour). Any child who was bought a flock of baked pigs on occasion of mid-autumn festival would feel so happy that they did not eat right away but run around village and boasted.

banh nuong lon 2

And nowadays, although the childhood passed through, a number of children like this kind of cake. A suggested place to come back your childhood is the cake shop fifth floor, A block, Ngo Quyen apartment, district 5 (opposite Pham Ngoc Thach hospital). This is the cake shop as style of family business and owned by a single mother. Most customers are introduced and find to buy cake because she has not advertised at all.

This shop does not have plentiful cake. On normal days, she sells cakes of chocolate covered strawberries and on occasion of festival, golden pig shaped baked cake only but crowd of customers.

Baked cakes are nice looking, delicious and good quality but if you want to buy big cake, you have to order and make appointment in advance. Baked cakes are handmade with many different types of fillings such as: green tea, green beans, coconut milk, red beans, it costs 50,000/ pig cake and pig cake with mixture fillings costs 65,000/ cake. Moreover, the shop also sells other cake models such as: Angry Birds, Kitty cat only 20,000/ cake but is one third as small as big cake. The price is affordable for a lovely, tasty and safety handmade cake.


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