Grilled ribs and Huge Sausage Attract Crowd of Tourists in Saigon

1.5 kg chops of ribs, sausages of 30 cm long are marinated with spicy spices and shown on cutting boards, not use dishes is the way a restaurant at Vo Van Kiet street, Ho Chi Minh City attract tourists.

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Right from the opening day, the shop got impressed with grilled rib of 35 cm long, 1.5 kg weigh, which costs up to VND 500,000, and smaller one costs VND 300,000.

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The sausage of 30 cm long is most favorite dish in the restaurant.

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Most spices in the shop are imported from foreign countries.

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After being marinated, ribs are arranged into trays to be smoked.

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The huge chops of ribs are grilled in 5 – 6 hours for soft fragrant ribs and very personal taste.

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Unique grill ovens are designed by the restaurant and have thermometer clocks.

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After being smoked, huge chops of ribs are put on warm oven, available for customers. It is enough for group of 3-4 people.

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The shop daily sells hundreds of sausages in American style.

suon 9

All dishes are cooked by an American chef.

suon 10

After being marinated with spicy spice, sausages are directly grilled on charcoal fire, cost 250,000 VND/ unit.

suon 11

Grilled corn and okra are served with grilled ribs.

suon 12

Special thing is that dishes here are put on cutting boards not on dish as other restaurants.

suon 13

The shop only opens from 4 pm to 11 pm and attracts crowd of foreign tourists.

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