Hanoi Cinema and Saigon Thailand Fairs On Weekend

This weekend, you can go with your family have fun with Millions movie in Hanoi or go shopping in Thailand Fairs at Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi Cinema and Saigon Thailand Fairs On Weekend

Here are events you can refer to participate:

Ha Noi

Periodic screening program at the French Cultural Centre, 24 Trang Tien this time will play the Minions movie about the development of the yellow protozoan. Through evolution, they always serve the villain, like dinosaurs, Napoleon, etc. But when facing with destruction, the Millions have to deal with many challenges. Ticket for an audience is VND 60.000.

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The film of Minions will end on 19 July.

“Chon Chon” is an exhibition of young artists from Hanoi and Hue. The art installation, painting, and sculpture in the program are inspired from the idea of the circle, bringing new perspectives. You can get to the Centre of Vietnam Contemporary Art, no.17 Thanh Cong street to enjoy for free of charge. It will have been ended on 17th July.

Ho Chi Minh City

Thailand Fair in 2015 involves 200 participations. Here you have the opportunity to purchase more products with eye-catching designs. Thailand Fair has an area introducing traditional cuisine and art programs. In particular, you can relax at Thai massage pavilions. The program will have been ended on 12th July at  the Exhibition Centre and Tan Binh Trade Fair, 446 Hoang Van Thu.

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Made in Thailand Outlet 2015

Exhibition “The bottom of wave” will be held at the Flamingo Gallery, 23 Ly Tu Trong. This is the last program introducing the gallery “the bottom of wave” taking place earlier in Hanoi and Hue. This time, audiences in Ho Chi Minh city have a chance to admire 20 paintings on red of painter Trang Thanh Hien. The event will last on the end of 20th July.

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