The most scary places in Ho Chi Minh

Welcome to Saigon! The place of not beauty but also scary word-of-mouth stories. If your mind is strong enough for a ghost hunting trip then check out the hunted places below!

1. Nguyen Thi Minh Khai High school

Known as one of HCMC’s most beautiful campuses, Minh Khai high school impresses with it wonderful well-preserved French colonial buildings. Built in the golden age of Saigon’s in the previous century, it used to be an all-girls school whose students all were obliged to wear a purple Ao Dai as uniform. Now a prestigious co-ed school, any student from Minh Khai can tell the story of the purple Ao Dai-wearing ghost up on the clock tower, which is rumoured to be the place where a schoolgirl committed a suicide. Students are banned to be on the top floor of the tower but this only fuel the suspicion and fear of the story. Not for the faint-hearted but these places always have the terrifyingly seductive charm towards horror fans!

Entrance of the school with the clock tower

Entrance of the school with the clock tower

2. Farewell Room in Cho Ray Hospital

Cho Ray is one of the oldest and most prestigious hospitals in Saigon. But not many locals know of Nha Vinh Biet, could be interpreted as The Farewell Room, which is home to the unidentified bodies, or those that have not been claimed by surviving family members. Despite being fairly well-lit, the corridor inside still exudes a spooky and morbid chill. Janitors working for the hospital have told stories of whispering voices or quiet sobbing echoing through the corridor at night.

The scary atmosphere at Farewell house

The scary atmosphere at Farewell house

3. Hua family mansion – HCMC Museum of Fine Arts

Probably the most famous haunted mansion in Saigon, the building currently known as Museum of Fine Arts of Ho Chi Minh city was initially owned by a wealthy Chinese-Vietnamese businessman, the patriarch of the Hua family. Having only one daughter, Mr. Hua treasured her and built the mansion as a gift for her. However, the mansion quickly turned into a luxury quarantine space as the daughter came down with tuberculosis, and was locked inside the house. Rumor has it that the young lady killed herself after long time suffered from illness and loneliness. Visitors to the museum nowadays can still feel the gloomy air surrounding the mansion, with cases of sighting of ghost or spectre being reported every once in a while.

Hua's mansion

Hua’s mansion

4. Pond of Rock

The pond is located the middle of the college town in Thu Duc district. The 20-metre-deep pond is infamous for the staggering number of fatal accidents occuring there. Local officials have made so many efforts to prevent entry to the ponds surrounding but they did not seem to work. There have been countless warnings against the rocky shore, as well as an unseen undercurrent, but nothing could stop deter curious individuals, especially college students, from hanging out there. There exists a more haunting explanation for the high frequency at which dead bodies are found in the pond: a sinister water spirit living at the bottom that lures visitors near the edge of the water then drags them down. Whichever version is true, the Pond of Rock remains a popular check-in for students from surrounding college campuses.

Pond of Rock

Pond of Rock

5. Nameless temple near Binh Dong wharf in District 8

On a lonely mound in the middle of Ba Tang Canal lies a mysterious nameless temple. Amongst many nameless gods, it worships Mr. Hanh and Miss. Lan: siblings that hung themselves in the temple. This is a famous spot for“Cầu Cơ”, a Vietnamese version of a Ouija board. The main visitors to this temples are lottery enthusiasts, looking for a connection with the dearly departed and get a hint at the winning numbers from the land beyond. The only way to get to and from the temple is by small boat, operated by a mysterious man who only accepts passengers from 11PM to 3AM. The 10 minutes boat ride from the shore near Binh Dong wharf to the temple are often in complete silence, often giving off the feeling of traveling to “the other side”.

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