Have you ever try broken rice in Sai Gon?

Broken rice, also known as Com Tam in Vietnam that is the popular dish in Ho Chi Minh city. This kind of rice made of broken rice grains. Initially, it was considered as “rice for the poor” as it was the left-over after farmers sold the intact grains and eventually it becomes the popular rice for the unwealthy class. But over years, the Saigonese became rather fond of the broken rice grains, and today, its eaten all around Ho Chi Minh City.

Broken rice

Broken rice

The classic broken rice dish has taken pride in the daily menu of Saigonese for decades. With its peculiar taste and scent, broken rice has long been considered a favorite by people of all ages and economic backgrounds in Saigon, and only in this city can its true flavor be found. Back then, com tam was just a dish consisting of rice, spicy sauce, and oily onions. Nowadays, people have created the dish more diversity like such as grilled pork, long slices of seasoned pork skin, one or two omelets, and meatloaf with egg yolk, mushroom, bean, meat, and seasoning, sliced into small bars. Besides, people like to eat with the spicy sauce accompanied by tomato and cucumber slices, some sour vegetable stripes, or by a small bowl of vegetable soup.

Many ingredients in broken rice

Many ingredients in broken rice

A serving of broken rice normally costs VND50,000 ($2).
If you have a chance to visit Ho Chi Minh, you should try ” Com tam” once in your life, it won’t let you down.

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