HAWAII KÌA- Relax with Café Bed in Saigon

Café is a place where people meet, talk and enjoy the delicious coffee. Not only that, café is used for many other purposes. Have you known the type of cafe bed yet? This is not a new kind but just has been developed in recent years, apart from the purpose of talking and drinking, it is also a place where you can sit down to relax after stressful hours.


Café with air conditioner and beds has been sharply developing.

Such these cafes are highlighted with beds, couches, or chair cushions, where you can lie down on your back like all the other guests of the café shop. In addition, depending on the needs of customers and the purpose of the shopkeepers, sometimes more bookcases, guitar, piano are served. Today, Saigon-online introduce you one of good cafe bed in Saigon:


Hawaii Kìa is located at 401 Su Van Hanh street, ward 12, district 10. Despite being newly established, Hawaii Kìa is considered a “paradise” for Saigon teens. The café has a strange and stylish design. Roomy space and airy decor in design of Hawaii style such as couches, beds, funny pictures on walls combined with warm colors such as orange, yellow, brown, etc. make the space bright, air fresh and dynamic as Hawaii land.


Hawaii Kìa attracts the curiosity right at first sight.


Brilliant styles match teens’ favorite


3D pictures in Hawaii style


Passio Mango


Blue Hawaii


Second floor is a restful place in Hawaii style

Address: 401 Su Van Hanh street, ward 12, district 10, Ho Chi Minh city

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