Ho Chi Minh city -First time for “Ao Dai” festival


ao dai

The “Ao Dai” festival was held for the first time with the subject “Ao Dai and flowers” in Dam Sen cultural park, Ho Chi Minh City on night March 8.

The program was organized by Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism together with Ho Chi Minh Department of education and training and other agencies aiming to honor the value of national identity and charming beauty of Vietnamese traditional costume “Ao Dai”. At the same time, we introduce Ao Dai image to the public through each historical period of Vietnamese people.

The festival takes place many activities such as: organization of thematic seminars of Ao, thematic exhibition ” Vietnamese Ao dai through war smoke”,  Ao dai beauty contest, vote for beautiful  photographs of Ao dai.

ao dai 2

In particular, students have chances to participate in Ao dai painting contest in paper and help them understand cultural values that their ancestors left and were proud of Ao dai traditional beauty.

Moreover, visiting this festival, tourists enjoy programs of culture and art of Ao dai and celebration of International Women’s Day on 8 March.

Tourist will enjoy fashion show with two titles: Office Ao dai and wedding- festival Ao dai, with the participation of 40 units, enterprises and designers.

If the Office Ao dai introduces the charm of the traditional Ao dai combined with the innovative lines, consistent with modern life by women every day at work, the wedding- festival Ao dai express elegant and exquisite costumes the festival.

In recent years, the city continues to promote the exploitation of traditional cultural values ​​as the highlight of the tourism product and attract tourists from both domestic and international tours.

Mr. La Quoc Khanh, deputy director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ho Chi Minh City, said the organizing committee wishes the Ao dai festival will become an annual event and  contribute to promote the image of Vietnamese become familiar with international friends.

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