Ho Chi Minh City Weather- Travelling Experience

Ho Chi Minh City Weather- Travelling Experience. With favorable geographical location and natural conditions, Saigon – which was once dubbed the “Pearl of the Orient”, is a commercial center and convergence of multiple ethnic groups. Each ethnic group has its own belief, cultural identity which contributes to a diversity of culture.

Area: 2,095.239 km2

Population: 6,239,938 people (2005)

Ethnicity: Vietnamese, Chinese, Khmer, Cham, etc.

Administrative units: 24 districts

Cultural characteristics of the region is a harmonic combination of traditional culture and culture of the North, the West, contributing to form lifestyles and personalities of Saigon people. Those are candid, outspoken, liberal, bravery, dynamic, dare to think, dare to do. Read about review of Saigon people to understand more about them.

Ho Chi Minh City is located in the tropical equatorial monsoon. As southern provinces, the general characteristics of Ho Chi Minh city weather and climate is that temperature is high during the year and has two separate seasons: rain season and dry season which impacts profoundly to landscape and environment. The rainy season lasts from May to November and dry season lasts from December to April next year. According to the observation document of many years of Tan Son Nhat station, through main meteorological factors; it shows the characteristic Ho Chi Minh City weather as follows:

A plentiful amount of radiation, it is about 140 Kcal / cm2 / year. The average monthly sunshine hour is 160-270 hours. The average air temperature is 27­0C. The super high temperature rises up 400C absolute and the lowest temperature down to13.80C. The month with the highest average temperature is in April (28,80C), the lowest average temperature is between December and January (25.70C). Every year there are more than 330 days with an average temperature 25-280C. The conditions of temperature and light are favorable for the development of plant species and animals achieving high biological productivity; and accelerating the decomposition of organic substances contained in waste, contributing to reduce urban pollution.

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Sudden rain of Saigon is very romantic but also caused many social problems for the city.

- Ho Chi Minh City weather about rainfall: High rainfall, average / year 1,949 mm. The highest one is 2,718 mm in 1908 and the smallest one is 1,392 mm in 1958. The average number of rainy days / year is 159 days. About 90% of annual rainfall concentrates in the rainy season from May to November; in which two months in June and September usually have the highest rainfall. No significant rainfall is reported in January, February and March. On the scope of city space, rainfall is unevenly distributed, tends to increase gradually as the axis Southwest – Northeast. Almost parts of urban districts and the northern districts generally have higher rainfall than south and southwest districts.

- Ho Chi Minh City weather about average relative humidity of air / year 79.5%; in rain season, it is up to 80% and the highest level to 100%; 74.5% in dry season and the lowest level down to 20%.

- Ho Chi Minh City weather about wind: it is influenced by two main wind directions and mainly west – southwest monsoon and north – northeast monsoon. The west – southwest monsoon blows from the Indian Ocean into the rainy season, between June to October, the average speed of 3.6 m / s and the strongest wind in August, the average speed of 4.5 m / s. North-northeast wind blows from the East Sea in the dry season, occur from November to February, the average speed of 2.4 m / s. In addition, south – southeast monsoon occur between March to May with the average speed of 3.7 m / s. Basically Ho Chi Minh City is located in no storm zone. In 1997, due to fluctuations by El-Nino phenomenon that caused Typhoon No. 5, only partially affected Can Gio district.

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Ho Chi Minh city travel map

When- The Best Season/ Time To Travel Ho Chi Minh city?

Ho Chi Minh City has two distinct seasons: the dry season and the rainy season, the rainy season begins in June and ends in September. But overall you can travel Ho Chi Minh City any month in years and do not travel on occasion of Lunar New Year. As the Lunar New Year, people will come back their hometown for family reunification. During Lunar New Year (around late-January and mid-February), many stores will be closed and air tickets will be fully booked just before it, so plan your trip accordingly. Otherwise it is a great opportunity to see how Vietnamese enjoy their own “Tet” Festival.

When it comes to festival seasons, shopping activities and entertainment in Ho Chi Minh City they take place extremely popular all over the streets. During Christmas, light systems are set up in all roads, busy traffic and entertainment activities taking place until mid night, you can come Ho Chi Minh City in these days to enjoy the chill atmosphere but warm in Ho Chi Minh City. Tourists can visit some destinations in Ho Chi Minh city for Christmas here.

From May to November, it is quite humid and rainy. There’re several major national holidays during this time such as Vietnam Reunification Day on April 30th, May Day on May 1st, Vietnam National Day on September 2nd which will see an exodus of people coming in and out of these cities. Transportation and restaurant service on these days may be a little scantier for visitors, especially in nearby retreating places like Nha Trang, Mui Ne and Da Lat.

Do not fear the noise of Ho Chi Minh City, you come here any day of the year, there are ecotourism parks, resorts, etc. available for you to relax. In brief, if you want comfortable climate – visit Vietnam between December and April. If you are a budget travellers or professional sales hunters, May – September is the best choice.

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