Hoang Phap Pagoda


hoang phap pagoda 2

Hoang Phap Pagoda was established by former Venerable master Ngo Chan Tu in 1957. It in the past was a forest.

In addition to practices, to increase their level, Dhamma preacher, building the Three Jewels, the Master is always interested in people in need. 1965, before the land of homeless people in the war-ravaged At Mango, Advantage, the Master has received 60 families consisting of 261 persons in the temple raised in 8 months, then buy land construction 55 people in homes for the settlers.

hoang phap pagoda

Currently, the main hall has 18 meters width, 42 meters length, and the total construction area of 756 square meters. Despite of look-new apperance, the temple is still simmilar to northern ancient pagodas with curved corners, 02-story red tile roof. The entire of foundation, momentum, columns, ceilings, and roof are solidly casted by concrete, brick walls and water paint on the outside surface. The background was tiled by granite imported from Spain. The entire doors and altars were made in precious wood and very sophisticatedly carved.

The two side stairs leading to the entrance has two large lions. Two side doors of the main hall were carved two Saint Kim Giang statues with firm face and the healthy body. The internal palace worships Budda Thich Ca Mau Ni seated on a lotus in meditation posture with 4.5 meters high. Arounding wall is 7 carvings of the Buddha’s life from the time of coming temple until nirvana. Before the altar is the wooden sculpture shaped “Nine Dragon look moon”.

Hoang Phap pagoda organizes many meaningful activities such as: Repentance Ceremony, the Cultivating day for students, ceremony of refuge talking, etc. Especially the Repentance ceremony takes places on March 14th, 2014 (February 14th, Lunar Calendar), thousands of Buddhists in Ho Chi Minh City and nearby provinces went to Hoang Phap pagoda to participate in the repentance ceremony in Hoang Phap pagoda. The art of communication is to express in intimate words. Intimate words produce sympathy to partners. In addition, body language also attains successful communication in relationship. A glance, a look or an intimate behavior certainly helps with friendship around.

Address: Tan Hiep commune, Hoc Mon district

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