Hoang Van Thu Park- A Green Oasis In The Heart Of Saigon

Hoang Van Thu Park- A Green Oasis In The Heart Of Saigon. The pace of urban lifestyle is busier and busier, high-rise buildings and bustling commercial areas sprout into existence. Therefore, people wish to find a natural green and comfortable space to walk under cool shadow of trees. Hoang Van Thu Park becomes one of the exciting spaces in the middle of Saigon urban.

haong-van-thu-park (1)

Hoang Van Thu Park by night

Hoang Van Thu Park- A Green Oasis In The Heart Of Saigon. Every park in Ho Chi Minh city was designed with its own architecture and associated with different periods. Especially, to residents around there in Tan Binh region, Go Vap, images of Hoang Van Thu park are deep memory in their mind.

haong-van-thu-park (12)

A green space in the heart of Saigon

haong-van-thu-park (15)

A unique mark of Hoang Van Thu park

Hoang Van Thu park is situated on Phan Dinh Giot street, ward 10, Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh city with the area of 106,500 square meters. Speaking to this park, people think about its special shape. Designed in triangle shape, two maintaining faces are located on Hoang Van Thu street and Tran Quoc Toan street, the park looks like a green oasis in the middle of hot space of Saigon.

haong-van-thu-park (13)

Hoang Van Thu Park- A Green Oasis In The Heart Of Saigon

A distinct difference that leaves a strong impression for many people is the design of the road Phan Truc Duyen through the park. It is a road with rows of green trees in two sides together with songs of birds. People come here to find peace of mind with the endless nature and to enjoy cool atmosphere there.

haong-van-thu-park (16)

Phan Truc Duyen road in the Hoang Van Thu park

Thinking of Hoang Van Thu park, residents here on Ho Chi Minh city will never forget cultural symbols of the city through gentle architecture which expresses a desire for a dynamic Saigon.

The cultural symbol of Saigon is placed in Hoang Van Thu park

Hoang Van Thu park is highlighted with some romantic gates with lively and lovely pictures. Two sides of the entrance are rows of colorful flowers: red, purple, orange, yellow, etc. Keep stepping forward, visitors seem being one with the endless green space.

haong-van-thu-park (3)

Rows of corlorful flowers in the Hoang Van Thu park

Hoang Van Thu park was designed with the huts for relaxation, recreation areas, recreation, serving the needs of the majority of all classes. It’s interesting to watch how the elderly do exercise, the middle-aged people leisurely stroll on the paved road. Under some certain trees, some young kids are immersed in the world of interesting books.

haong-van-thu-park (4)

Stop to relax in the natural hut

haong-van-thu-park (5)

The morning exercise in the Hoang Van Thu park

Hoang Van Thu park is also more robust when the afternoon sun begins to escape. On colorful slides, funny swings are young kids who are playing with full of excitement.

haong-van-thu-park (6)

Images of young kids are playing in the Hoang Van Thu park

haong-van-thu-park (7)

A little boy is walking in the cool and green park

Somewhere in the park, vendors are working diligently to earn a living, they sell mixed rice cakes, fruits, drink, colorful balloons.

haong-van-thu-park (8)

Images of vendors are earning their life

On free weekends, Hoang Van Thu park is selected as a favorite place to organize fun activities for young people. You can easily catch a group of people who sing and play guitar, some play funny games, camping or go for picnic.

haong-van-thu-park (9)

Funny activities in the Hoang Van Thu park

This is also a great place for dating couples. Holding hands and walking on the green paths, enjoying the natural beauty of the nature and flowers in blossom and watching a miniature space of modern life, they quickly see the real love, the love of life, the love of nature which are more passionate and more earnestly. Between the vibrant life of Saigon, it is hard to find such a romantic atmosphere like that, ignoring the exhaustion of a long day, filled with such love in every moment.

haong-van-thu-park (14)

It is wonderful when walking in the romantic and peaceful nature here.

haong-van-thu-park (11)

An ideal place for those who love art

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Hoang Van Thu park becomes to meet and exchange between generations of urban residents and great place to enjoy the cool breeze of heaven and earth, to relieve anxiety, stress of everyday life out there.

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