Hon Do – amazing nature of the sea in Ninh Thuan

 Located in the centre of Ninh Thuan province, despite not having white sand beach, Hon Do is magnetic due to its own attractions.

Without typical white sand that other beaches should have, Hon Do features in rocky and green moss covered beaches. Instead, tourist enjoy walking and fishing on the beach covered by rocks and green moss which will be a perfect background for nice photo shoots even without color blending or retouching.

Back to 2016, the place was yet to well-known, still wild and partially covered by poplar primary forest. There was no tourism service there and the entire place is pure natural. However, in the last 4 years, it has been discovered and turned to a tourism spot, the nature could not remain unchanged but luckily, preservation methods worked so people have opportunities to discover the place without failing it.

Rocky and mossy beach of Hon DoHon Do brings the world of discovery because everytime the tide ebbs and flows, it also carries different creatures from the ocean,  which are then cradled in the stones, along with seaweed and coral. Finding them hiding in the stone holes and chinks can take a whole day.

A moss fields in Hon Do


Visitor can enjoy a lot of exciting activities they discover a part of the ocean which is otherwise inaccessible, seeing see creatures in various forms and colors such as camping, fishing, discover the stone edges and coral reef, the starbeckon.

Scuba diving to see coral reef

Scuba diving to see coral reef

The cool sea breeze together with the sound of soft, low whispering sea – waves is a recipe for relaxation, an antidote to the worries and sadness of daily life. Especially, when the sun comes up, the fishermen come out, hauling our the first catch of the day. Visitors can join them to experience the work of a true fisherman. Do not forget to bring tents and food because there is no tourism service and the nearest village is quite far.

Beside this, coming to Hon Do in Ninh Thuan province, travelers can enjoy some local special food;

- Sea urchin:  a specialty of Hon Do, due to its spiky, prickly black outer shell. But once you have tried it, you will wonder why it took you so long to experience the sweet, delicious taste. Locals cut off the horns and divide it into 2 halves. Sea-urchin could be eaten in two ways, it can be either raw served with a sprinkling of lemon juice or wasabi paste which might be a bit hard to digest, or, safer option is grilling with fried sprint onions and oil, which delivers an irresistible smell and taste.

Sea urchin  is grilled with fried onion and oil which delivers an irresistible smell and taste.

Sea urchin is grilled with fried onion and oil which delivers an irresistible smell and taste.

- Flying fish: they live near the coral reef. The locals will fry, grill or cook them in a sour-sweet broth. The fish can be served with garlic wine made from garlic grown on this land, which is called (orphan garlic), or garlic whose bulbs contain only one big single clove each. This kind of garlic is scented and spicy.

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