Hot-dog cart of a German Owner in Sai Gon Street


xuc xich nuong

Several plastic stools together with  grilled German hot-dog that is fragrant enough to get attention of a whole street corner.

At 4 pm everyday, Phan Xich Long street (Phu Nhuan district) cross along the entrance of International Vietnam- America school is busier than usual when it appear a German hot-dog cart. Walking through the street at this time, you will be surprised with image of a West man who go back and forth to serve hot-dog dished for customers.


Mr. Klaus Rutt is German nationality and co-owner of this hot-dog cart with his wife Mrs. Minh Nguyet (Vietnamese). She shares their business experience:  In a occasion of coming back Vietnam for 2010 tour, after the hot-dog in Vietnam, her husband was not happy about the quality of this dish. So when coming back Vietnam to settle down in 2012, both she and her husband decided to do business of  hot-dog for the purpose of introducing to Vietnamese people the famous traditional dish in Germany.

There are two types of hot-dog: pig hot dog and beef hot dog served with two types of tomato sauce and chili sauce.

The simple eatery with some small stools and the stove is placed right on cart. Just in rush hours, roasted hot dogs turn  into golden color with attractive and fragrant smell spreading in the wind as keeping pedestrians’ feet. Only do a single business- grilled hot dog but not because of that the shop is absent customer, especially at rush hours, it’s hard for you to find a seat.

Each roasted hot dog costs 35,000 dong, sound not be cheap but just sit down and enjoy a roasted hot dog, you will realize “a good dog deserves a good bone”. No feeling slightly friable as other kinds of hot dogs, hot dogs here are soft, fatty taste but not greasy, really tasty.

Address: street corner of Phan Xich Long street, Phu Thuan district, Ho Chi Minh city

Open time: 4pm to 8pm

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