“Hot” Pictures of Vietnamese Sandwich Shop in The United States

Yum! Brands, mother company of a chain of fast food restaurants such as: KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, has just opened a Vietnam sandwich shop in Texas, US.


The shop of Yum! Brand fast food group specializing in Vietnamese sandwich is Banh Shop, Saigon street food which has just come into operation at September 12 at Dallas (Texas, Us) with the effort of attracting more customers.


According to Business Week newspaper, a similar sandwich shop of Yum! Brands will open at the end of the month at Dallas international airport.


A loaf of bread stuffed with sausage or roasted pork meat, pickled cucumber, cilantro costs USD 5.95- 6.95 (equivalent to VND 120,000- 140,000).


The establishment of “Banh Shop” lies in an effort to test new ideas of the Yum! Brands in the context of the gradually decreasing number of clients for fast food market.


According to Huffington Post, Banh Shop staff said, right from the opening date, the shop has been very busy. Yum! Brands also expect Banh Shop as successful as the brand Mexico 52 years old- Taco Bell.


Ingredients that Yum! Brands uses for filling of Vietnamese sandwich are barbecued pork or baked sausage, cilantro, shredded pickled cucumber and carrot, basil, onion, etc.


Apart from the sandwich, Banh Shop also orders other street food in Vietnam such as: chicken noodle soup, noodles and salad.

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