Images of street vendors in Saigon 100 years ago

Street vendors of noodle soup, ice-cream, tofu, etc, a gallery of busy Saigon right at the early 20 century.


Saigon- Big Market urban, one of two most important cities in Vietnam after late 19 century. French photographers quickly recognized mobile purchase here- goods and food were sold relying on couple feet of street vendors, presented at any corner of Saigon streets. The street vendor album in Saigon- Cho Lon recreates a part of economic and social life as well as Vietnamese culture in early 20 century.


Vietnamese noodle soup is a traditional food of Vietnam that appeared first on shoulders of street vendors. Simple ingredients include broth, noodles, several pieces of pork meat and other spices.


Rice cake is a popular cake sold by street vendors. The cake is made of rice powder, then mixed with other cereal, and steamed.


Congee and noodle were called soup by French people. Street vendors usually chose a corner of crowded people to purchase.


A cart of ice-cream in the early 20 century





A typical image of tofu vendors in the past


Street beverage shop on sidewalk



Leaf hat, a symbolic image of Vietnamese women

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