Jade Emperor Temple in Saigon

chua ngoc hoang

Jade Emperor temple’s yard

The Jade Emperor temple was built in 1892 by a Chinese man named Luu Linh. In 1900, the construction was finished but till in 1906, inauguration was held.

Originally, the temple was named Jade Emperor Palace, French people called it Da Kao temple. In 1982, the temple participated in Buddhist Church of Vietnam with monk Thich Vinh Khuong, then it was renamed Phuoc Hai Tu, but local people are in habit of calling it Jade Emperor temple.

From main entrance, tourists head some steps to fish lake in the middle of the temple’s yard and turtle lake on the right. There is a shrine and a pavilion shading a cement incense burner for pilgrims before worshipping inside the temple as well as going out the temple. The Jade Emperor temple has total number of more than 300 statues.

The temple is divided into many separated worshiping compartments. Jade Emperor Compartment is in the middle, compartment for Guan Yin in the right and compartment for North King in the left.

Jade Emperor statue is built with costume of Chinese kings. In the right is Bac De who wears magi’s cloth, keeps a sword in hand and step on two monsters. In the left of Jade Emperor is Guan Yin statue with three faces and 18 hands for blessing. Jade Emperor’s office includes literature officials and martial art officials such as: Nam Tao, Bac Dau, Four heaven kings, etc. who taking care of everything on the Earth. Every year, Kitchen God shall come here to report every thing on the Earth.

chua ngoc hoang2

The main compartment worships Jade Emperor

Jape Emperor temple has long been a spiritual place for a number of pilgrims. On big festival for example on full moon of January, July and October lunar calendar, the pilgrims may reach the number of ten thousands. The most crowded time is on Jade Emperor’s soul ceremony on January 9 (lunar calendar). On this occasion, Abbot Monk chants for peace on 8th January and on 9th, thousands of visitor worship (both Chinese and Vietnamese). The Jade Emperor temple attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists.

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