Kathina Robes’ offering at Candaransi Pagoda


le dang y

The flower offering and robe offering of Khmer ethnic is called with another name Kathina ceremony. The festival prays for good weather, an abundant crop, peace and happiness. Those who come to the temple to not only pray for their family full of peace ceremony but also for their good health, beauty, richness and nobility, dutiful children and smooth business.

dang y- Vinh Nghiem

In two days, 2nd-3rd November, Kathina ceremony officially takes place at Candaransi Pagoda (located at 164/ 235 Tran Quoc Thao street, Ward 7, district 3) with the presence of the Buddhist monk, Buddhist fellows and temples from eastern provinces. On this occasion, the Buddhist Church of Vietnam has announced its deputy director of the Office II of the Central Buddhist Church of Vietnam and announced its decision to appoint Candaransi temple abbot.

On the first day, the Buddhists bring offerings such as incense, money, fruit, robes to the temple for Buddha’s worship, then they offered robes and other offerings to monks in the temple and hear sermons for their merit and their family.

After the ritual, the tradition of entertainment like dancing of Lam Village, Rom Vong, Sadam drum dance are performed in the temple courtyard.

On second day, the Buddhists come to the temple to burn incense for Buddha then gathered to conduct an offering of flowers, robes, offering items and go 3 rounds around the main hall, then they go back to the temple to hear monks chant and prove their merit.

Flower and robe offerings or Kathina ceremony of ethnic Khmer bears deep meaning of humanity to help people get better and better, as well as the formation of the human personality.

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