Korean Cuisine: Mixed rice bibimbap in Saigon

You are able to enjoy cold soba noodles under the heat of Saigon or roll grilled rib and sip a cup of sochu in a rainy afternoon of Saigon.

Tan Binh district includes Thang Long road, Truong Son roas, Hau Giang road and Tan Son Hoa road in right corner of Pham Van Thai market that is considered Korean street of Saigon. This place concentrates a lot of restaurants, markets of Korean people with typical dishes. For those who love Korean cuisine, a small corner of Korean street here is a reasonable choice for diners to visit and enjoy their favorite dishes. And now we introduce you first famous dish in Korea.

Mixed rice bibimbap

Bibimbap is one of the typical symbols of Korean cuisine. Mixed rice is highly appreciated and attracts many diners and Korean movie and culture lovers, because of its delicacy in the color combination of ingredients. Full ingredients of bibimbap include: rice, minced beef, egg yolk, together with Korean vegetables such shiitake mushroom, abalone mushroom, carrot, cucumber, ferns, spinach, chutney, etc.

After processing raw materials, rice is placed in a warm pot to keep heat until the end of the meal. When enjoying, we mix all together, but enough for your course to avoid being flabby.

After a day of hard work, enjoying mixed rice bibimbap with your family and friends with a little Sochu wine will make you feel fresh. In Saigon you can visit Gogi House on Truong Son Street, Tan Binh district.

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                          Korean mixed rice, known for mixture of unique colors

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