Korean Cusine: Grilled Beef Ribs and Kimchi Cake in Saigon

Grilled Beef Ribs

The dish is very popular to Korean people in cold days, but let’s try to discover a little bit by enjoying it under a rainy afternoon in Saigon. The beef ribs are coated with typical spices such as: onion, pears, kiwi, soy sauce, rice wine and some typical Korean condiments.

Ribs are grilled on charcoal then cut into smaller pieces. The Korean pay attention additional food served with the dish as vegetables or soup. Therefore grilled ribs will taste better when served with rolls and salad. The grilled rib shop in Saigon which, is highly appreciated by diners, is Kumdo restaurant located on Hau Giang, road, Tan Binh District.

suon bo

Beef ribs are grilled on charcoal fire and rolled with salad.

Kimchi Cakes

The dish Kimchi Cake is suitable for rainy days in Saigon under cold weather only. A piece of crunchy cake with salty and spicy flavor of pickled kimchi will give diners an appetite. Ingredients of the dish include pickled kimchi, pork meat, green onions, chives, flour, eggs and other spices as sesame oil, pepper, salt, etc. All is sliced and mixed together, then fried with oil. You can visit the shop Kimchi Pork Meat lying on Thang Long road, Tan Binh district.

banh kimchi

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