Ky Yen festival of Binh Dong Communal House


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Every year, on February lunar calendar, residents around Sai Gon Big Market (now district 8, 11, 5, 4, Binh Chanh and Can Giuoc), both Vietnamese and Chinese people prepare offerings for 12th and 13th of February festival of Binh Dong communal house.

According to village elders, the location of pagoda in the past is an area where people were sparsely populated and business in tough time. One day, one picked up a crown passed on canals, guess that it might be owned by a military victim, so he took up the mound and pray. Oddly, then, the area had abundant harvest season by season, villagers who prospered gathered to build this communal house. On the main altar, there is always a new crown offered by villagers until now.

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Binh Dong communal house was built right on the flow Kinh Doi, ward 7, district 8, Ho Chi Minh city. In 1922, it was restored of roof tiles, walls, wooden columns as model of Southern communal houses. In 1930, the house was degraded, hence roof tiles were replaced with modern tiles with 2 layers, walls are plastered, brick foundation.

In 1968, some parts of communal house was collapsed by bomb attacking. Until 1991, the house was restored with structures of heavy materials (reinforced concrete) but the overall architecture remains the same. This restoration built once more traditional house. The striking remaining is artifacts in main hall as altars skillfully carved with dragon, cedars, reindeer, 4 noble animals. On the altar has a tray containing God’s crown, the eight copper weapons, incense burner, ceramic vase.

Ky Yen festival annually took place on 12th and 13th of February including cults from student following the melody of gongs drum, and trumpet. Next ceremony “opera” before the holidays almost god, after serving her children to worship. This ratio takes place annually on February 13 and 12 lunar.

Especially, every year, the Ky Yen festival of Binh Dong communal house attracts thousands of people to admire and worship. Neighboring communal houses or farther like in Long An province also sent a delegation to do incense-offering ceremony.

The Binh Dong communal house was granted the cultural relics by Ministry of culture under Decision No. 2890 – VH / Decision signed on 27 September, 1997.

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