Learn By Heart Five Streets “Meet all Needs” in Saigon

In Saigon, it is easy to buy anything if you know exact street selling what you need. For example: bonsai pots in Thanh Thai street, murals in Tran Phu street, or second- hand books in Tran Huy Lieu street, etc.

1. Paintings Street- Tran Phu

The Tran Phu street, district 5 has long been a major place for those who want to purchase paintings. From static paintings, portraits to religious paintings, abstract paintings in all size, you can find here. Tran Phu Street is not too long, but two sides are packed with a punch of painting shops.

duong tranh

A painting shop of natural landscapes and religion

2. Electronics Street – Nhat Tao

Thanks to Nhat Tao street, district 10, housewives do not worry about out-of- order electronic appliances. Coming this street, you can find everything from headphones, cameras and speakers for listening to music. Just say what you need, you will be instructed to the right place to buy it.

3. Second-Hand Book Street – Tran Huy Lieu

Each second-hand book shop here involves a large number of magazine and books.  They are neatly arranged. Students or old book lovers often spend several hours finding their favorite books.

duong sach

4. Shopping Street – Nguyen Trai

The Nguyen Trai street is considered most hustling shopping street with a variety of goods such as: clothing, handbag, scarf, hat, jewelry, etc. However, you should pay attention to your vehicles and money to avoid pickpocket because of crowded street.

5. Bonsai Street – Thanh Thai

Walking on Thanh Thai street, district 10 in mid-day, you will feel comfortable thanks to a cool green color of bonsai trees here.

duong cay canh

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