Love Paradise in Country Houses, Saigon


thien duong tinh yeu

With romantic and poetic view, the café shop is an interesting stop for couples in Valentine’s day.

The Valentine in Saigon is special exciting in the weather of spring mixed with little cool. Therefore, a romantic space will be a destination to couple on this occasion. A café garden for a dating is never out of date. It is reason why Country House want to create beautiful and meaningful moment for couples on occasion of Valentine.

A Valentine’s dinner under shimmering candlelight, crimson roses, soft music and the sound of flowing water replacing sweet words that the heart wants to say, surroundings is not too loud but not too quiet to be boring that will make sweet sense for you and your half. This beautiful café is a  suitable stop for dating and  your memory photos. The shop is not only an interesting place to relax but also create a special space for those who want to find warmth and romance.

Being one of beautiful and romantic café tops of Saigon, Country House always attracts the concern of city youths.

This is a perfect choice for couples like gentle and deep emotion and they also have a private space to share their emotion each other, together listen romantic rhythm and keep memory moment of love. Country Houses is a café shop carrying vintage style with open space to serve various demands of customers.

Especially, sophisticated design with combination of outside and inside view, create both airy feeling and something mysterious that makes people want to explore.

thien duong tinh yeu 2

Visitors will enjoy natural view through green trees grown in garden and water fall babbling near flower bases full of colors, shady leaves, and thin layers of mist creating a cool feeling, poetic viewing on clean water surface,  big and small are lying in quiet.

Seeing the whole Country Houses, you will see the meticulous decoration to every little detail. From petite flower pillows, unique window curtains, elegant rattan furniture, the wall lined with a large boulder, etc.  all are skillfully arranged like recreating a Korean movie or a fairy tale you’ve ever admired.

Wooden design wood from ceilings, cabinets to white painted fences, furniture and yellow lights that make prominent of romantic classic style from Europe. The highlight for Country Houses Café at night is a nostalgic luxury and beautiful space with bowls of shimmery candle at each table.

On Valentine’s Day, the shop is decorated with fresh flowers, many beautiful symbol of love together with vibrant red tones that highlight flavor of the love season.

Address: 18C Phan Van Tri street, ward 10, Go Ap district, Ho Chi Minh city

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