Mekong Delta on the Top 11 Destination 2015

The top destination voted from the famous tourism magazine of America- Travel and Leisure is Fez- an old city of Morocco.

Travel & Leisure has announced the list of 20 most attractive destinations in 2015. The Mekong River region including Cambodia and Vietnam is also mentioned in this list and ranked 11th.

mekong-delta-floating-marketCai Rang floating market

Under the eyes of experts, the Mekong Delta in Vietnam attracts tourists thanks to the unique floating markets.

Top 20 Destinations 2015 by Travel and Leisure:

1. Fez, Morocco2. Catskill, America

3. Rotterdam, Netherlands

4. Puerto Plata, Dominica

5. Wasatch Mountains, America

6. Istanbul, Turkey

7. Cheng Du, China

8. Milan, Italy

9. Prince Edward County, Canada

10. Oman

11. Mekong Delta12. Valletta, Malta

13. Chile

14. Tanzania

15. Houston, America

16. West Ireland

17. Leipzig, German

18. Mozambique

19. Cuba

20. Nicaragua


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