Mid-Autumn Festival In Three Parts Of Vietnam

Mid- autumn in Northern provinces are described with elegant and delicate features; Central Vietnam with funny festivals and Southern Vietnam full of warming.

As one of Vietnamese festival, mid-autumn festival in three parts of Vietnam carries different typical cultures.

Mid-autumn festival in Northern provinces

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Northern provinces of Vietnam welcome autumn with a clear transformation of the earth and sky. The romantic and poetic beauty makes people pleasant. It is reason why autumn in the North is always elegant, delicate and associated with the joy of bumper harvests, the fragrant green sticky rice, of ripe fruits like persimmon, grapefruit, etc.

Preparing for the August moon season, around streets of Hanoi will be full of gifts, cakes, and lanterns. Keeping the tradition of thousands of years of ancient and solemn Thang Long; hence from very early, boxes of moon cakes will be carefully chosen.

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Cakes will be presented as gifts to elders of the clan and the family first. Then it will boxes of Moon cakes for neighbors, friends and closed partners.  Each box of Moon cake conceals the spiritual affection, with strong desire of long time relationship. The last box of Moon cake will be selected in 10 days before the Mid-Autumn festival and placed on the altar of the family ancestors. The whole family gathers to enjoy each flavor essence of Moon cakes together with warm cups of tea.

Bustling Festivals In Central Provinces

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In central provinces of Vietnam, a cross- cultural narrow strip between Northern and Southern Vietnam, Mid- autumn festival is mainly about the festival than the ceremony. This is an opportunity for people to make up the bustling atmosphere, fun for both children and adults. Ancient town of Hoi An is brilliant with lanterns. People rush out into the street and play folk games. An ancient Hue becomes jubilant with exquisite trays of moon gifts which brings much excitement for children.

Enjoying the flavors of Moon cakes are especially focused on the Central Vietnam which is famous for meticulous and fussy in cuisine. A wide range of Pandan Flavor Sweet Cake and baked moon cake are choose because in the Mid- autumn festival there is nothing important than gathering and enjoying Moon cake.

To Vietnamese people, the Mid-Autumn festival is the second New Year in a year. This is a valuable opportunity for gathering and sharing intimate with members of a family.

The Warm Affection In Southern Vietnam

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As a new land, which gather cultures of different regions and where people are always willing help each other.  The Mid- autumn in Southern Vietnam carries its own color.  In the South, the donation culture on occasion of Mid- autumn festival is the first thing to mention. In the land of “entrepreneurship”, A near neighbor is better than a far away relative. Therefore, the Mid- autumn festival becomes an occasion to express love with surrounding people.

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