Mixed Noodle Soup Just Serve 3 Minutes In Saigon

After customers set a place and order, staffs will bring a digital clock to countdown in 3 minutes and then they will run with it. It means in 3 minutes a bowl of mixed noodle soup will be served for customers. Mixed Noodle Soup Just Serve 3 Minutes In Saigon.

Situated on Thich Quang Duc street, Phu Nhuan district, the mixed noodle soup store Than has popularly known because of its quality and quick service. The store owner said that the time countdown is applied to satisfy customers without waiting.

When customers enter the store and order the dish, the store staff will bring a clock, set 3 minutes and starts countdown. At the same time, the chef will process the food quickly so that when the clock is back to 0 number, a bowl of mixed noodle with broth and vegetable is already served.

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Mixed noodle soup is quite tasty and attracts a lot of customers.

Each diner just waits in 3 minutes, but you go in a group, the clock will be set more time. For example, a group of 4 people, it will be 12 minutes. In case the staff serves late, customers will have a chance to draw and receive a small gift. It may be a notebook or a ball pen.

Although the mixed noodle soup is not strange to many people, it is the countdown clock that makes the difference. The clock urges staffs to meet hungry customers. Every day, the store serves about 250 to 300 customers.

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The serving time is just 3 minute, if crowded, it might be longer.

Stages to make this dish are carefully prepared. The chef wears gloves to ensure food safety. The noodle soup is given into a bowl, added with bean sprouts, chicken meat and fragrant onion, and cilantro.

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Especially, chopsticks and spoons are washed with boiled water before being used.

 Each diner will has a private tray to enjoy, just add some vegetable, lemon juice, special sauce and then mix it together. Aside from the mixed noodle soup, the store also serves rice noodle at the price of VND 28,000- 35,000. Drinks include: soy juice, and other juices at the price from VND 8,000- 10,000. The Than store opens from 6am to 10pm.

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