Mooncakes on Saigon Streets

On the occasion of Mid-Autumn festival, such these streets become private “paradise” for mooncake brands in Saigon.


About two months before Mid- Autumn festival, streets in Ho Chi Minh city such as: Tran Hung Dao, Nguyen Tri Phuong (District 5), Feb 3, Ly Thuong Kiet (District 10), Truogn Chinh, the August revolution (Tan Binh district), Kha Van Can (Thu Duc district), etc. become a private paradise for mooncakes.


Stalls appear in all sidewalks.

Occupied with dense number is probably the Nguyen Tri Phuong Street, District 5, stall after stall on the street of 500 meters long.


On early days of autumn, booths here have imported a variety of cakes.


At present, retail market is not crowded; they mainly sell by wholesale for companies. An owner of a booth said: they sell about 1,000- 2,000 cakes a day in for companies. It is close companies, on occasion of Mid- autumn festival, they call to order.


The battle of brands for nice positions on roadsides takes place. On intersection Ly Thuong Kiet Street- Thanh Thai (Tan Binh) every year becomes a hot spot, there are more than 20 booths placing here.

According to many customers, mooncakes this year have many eye-catching model and various tastes, the price also increases by from 10 to 30% compared to last years.


Ms. Minh Trang, a salesman for many years said: “Very few retail customers buy cakes to eat this time, but mooncake brands usually launch new cakes two months in advance. And beautiful positions must be placed many months before, sometimes from last years.


Booths selling mooncakes on roadsides continue to grow. Such these booths are simply built with material of bamboo, iron frame and glass cabinets for display cake. Each booth only takes 1 -2 days to complete.


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