Most Unique Café Shop On The Tree in Saigon

A café shop located in Phan Van Tri street, Go Vap is designed with unique wooden houses on ancient trees creating a new and strange feeling to customers.


The shop is located in the intersection of Phan Van Tri street and Nguyen Oanh street, Go Vap district, Ho Chi Minh city. Taking advantage of giant old trees, the shop owner designed impressive houses on trees.


This wooden house is placed on middle of tree stem, a giant tree stem as a house column.


Looked in distance, it likes the spaceship hovering in mid-air.


To enter houses on trees, visitors have to pass over unsteady steps of the ladder


Space inside house is rather narrow, but customers can look far toward cool and green space outside.


A part of an old tree stem becomes a firm pillars.


Everything is more harmonic and friendly with the nature.


A lot of customers carve their names on the special tree stem and pillars.


The highlight of houses on trees is that there are many tree branches weaving and growing from inside to outside.


Houses on trees are placed one after another. Customers are very interesting in this impressive space.


Dinking price is not expensive; it only costs 30,000-60,000 dong/ course.

Cafe-A12 (1)

Apart from houses on trees, the shop is well- known for biggest café shop in Ho Chi Minh city with total area of 6,000 square meters and unique space design.


On Saturday and Sunday, the shop is usually out of slot because of crowd of customers. There is a entertainment area for children.

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