Nam Du – a Vietnam hidden paradise

Nam Du island is around 40km away from Phu Quoc island, is becoming an attractive destination for tourists. This pristine island has 21 islets, 11 islets of which are inhabited, while the other remain completely untouched.

The immense blue sea and sky, imposing mountains erupting amidst the ocean, endless evergreen primeval forests, long stunning beaches, and splendid rock cliffs of Nam Du Archipelago in Kien Giang Province have seen it compared to the “New Wonder of the World” – Halong Bay in Quang Ninh Province.

Best time to visit Nam Du islands

Nam Du also has 2 main seasons: the dry season which lasts from December to March and the rainy seasons last from April to November. It is obvious that the dry season is an ideal time to visit Nam Du as the seas are calm, the temperature is comfortable and the weather is consistent. Therefore, it is a favorable season for taking part in a whole lot of other activities and exploration. During this time, there are more ferry’s running. You can also visit the island during the rainy season, but there is a great chance that you may need to cancel your trip due to a big storm.

Attraction in Nam Du Islands

1. Hon Lon island

Hon Lon as known as big island locally called Cu Tron islet is Nam Du island on Nam Du, where you can find majority of accommodations, restaurants, and the ferry dock. Hon Lon is famous for its lighthouse, a restricted military zone and has some stunning beaches: Dat Do beach, Nhun beach, and Mam beach, Men beach is the most beautiful one of Nam Du Islands with green row of coconut, white sands and blue sea.


2. Hon Mau island

Mau island is about 2 square kilometers and has a small fishing village with a hundred households. This is famous for beautiful beaches lined with coconut trees and Chuong beach is the best because it is the only real white sand beach. Other beaches are Nam beach, Nom beach, Da Den beach and Da Trang beach. Hon Mau is rapidly expanding to accommodate the tourist surge and there is now a sizable community found on the island that cater to the growing tourism sector.

3. Ngu beach

The legend has it that King Gia Long used to pick this beach as the destination to stop. That’s why it is called Bai Ngu (Ngu Beach). It is a special place in Nam Du archipelago. In the dry season, while the other areas suffer from a serene shortage of water, Ngu Beach is still full of freshwater.


4. Nam Du lighthouse

Located on the top of Hon Lon, Nam Du Lighthouse belongs to An Son Commune. It is the highest lighthouse in Vietnam for locating in the top of the hill which is over 300 meters above the sea level. It is famous for the spectacular view looking from above. Though it is classified as a restricted military zone, or it means tourists are strictly forbidden, you still can visit the lighthouse by tipping someone.


5. Hon Bo Dap island

Hai Bo Dap is an uninhabited island that is surrounded by coral. Most island hopping tours stop here for camping, swimming, snorkeling and fishing. One of the unique features of this island is its natural bridge that connects two islands together to form Hai Bo Dap. This natural sea bridge can only be seen at low tide.

Activities on Nam Du islands

- Snorkeling: Nam Du archipelago has a diverse marine life and coral reefs. Especially, Hon Dau Island is a perfect destination for snorkeling and diving so you can discover the colorful world under the sea with wonderful coral reefs. You can join a tour, snorkeling from shore, or charter your own boat. And, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and sun cream.


- Hiking and Trekking: For those who love sports activities, it is a great experience to go trekking to Nhum Beach. You need to hike along a small trail, go through the towns, and down through a densely forested area. The trail will lead you to a rocky beach. The best time to start hiking is before sunrise.

- Fishing and foraging on Nam Du: In Nam Du Island, fishing and foraging are favorite activities to visitors. You can rent a small boat to go fishing, or fish from the main pier. At night, it gives you an interesting experience to have a night squid and baby octopus fishing excursions. As all the island is blessed with many kinds of seafood such as sea snails, oysters, sea urchins, and clams, you can also forage for your own food.

-Sunrise and sunsets: Watching ocean sunrises and sunsets on Nam Du Island are some of the best you can ever see in Vietnam. The island is so small that you can watch from a single location. But, the perfect spot to watch the sunrise is from the pier at Hon Lon Island. Make sure to keep an eye out above to see the few hawks in the area. For the sunset, the place to witness the breathtaking view is the coastal road on Hon Lon Island.


- Camping on Nam Du: Anyone who wants to have brand new experiences may love camping on Nam Du. You don’t need to bring your tent as Nam Du Island is available for rent. Hon Dau Island is the most popular camping spot where has a long stretch of beach. You have to pay VND 40.000 for pitching your tent and additional VND 30.000 to rent one for a night.


Nam Du is gorgeous but already impacted a little bit by development, it is better to visit the island sooner than later. Hope that you have great memories on the islands.

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