One Day In Saigon With Children

One Day In Saigon With Children. Saigon Center and the surrounding area have many funny both indoors and outdoors attractions for children in this summer.

1. Visiting Saigon by motorbike

Not only adults prefer to watch the city by motorbike, children of all ages like too. This will be the way that the kids will never forget. You and your child will be able to stop anywhere to take a closer look and buy delicious snacks. But of course, remember to wear a helmet and run under 40 km / h to ensure safety.

2. Snap Cafe

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This is a cafe with play area, a clothing shop and souvenirs for children. You can take the kids here for fun activities and you just sit down and sip a cup of coffee or buy the pizza or ice cream.

3. Fairy Stream

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Located in District 9, Fairy Stream is the most famous park in Ho Chi Minh City. Your children will have fun all day here with water park, gardens, and recreational games. However you have to pay attention to ensure safe for your children.

4. Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station

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With activities of caring for bears, gibbons and wild cats and feeding birds, children will learn about kindness and attention. The entrance fee is 200,000 VND / person.

5. Entertainment in KizCiti

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KizCiti in District 4 is a unique fun address and full of joy for children from 3 to 15 years old. Your children will have the opportunity to play an adult by taking on jobs as firefighters, repairmen, nurses, pilots, etc. When working they will earn money, called Kizo and learn to spend it.

KizCiti daily opens from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm, the entrance ticket fee is 180,000 VND / person.

6. Childhood World Bee Bee

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Bee Bee in district 2 is an indoor amusement park with motion games like hiking, drive a car, and of course air conditioning turned on 24/24 to help your children avoid the heat Saigon.

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