Pan Bread and Thailand Milk Tea in Saigon


banh my chao

Crispy roasted bread served with pate, sausage, fried egg, fried potato, onion, etc. and fragrant sauce. It is more exciting to order a cup of Thailand milk tea.

Pan bread now is “hot order” to Hanoi teen because of its attractive flavor. When breaking bread, dip in hot sauce and sprinkle a little chili sauce, sour and sweet flavor together with crispy vinegary cucumber pieces which will awake  your taste. You can drink a cup of Thai green or red milk tea.

You can enjoy this dish at shop Ne’mer Drinks, 72/18 Ngo Tat To street, Binh Thanh district, Ho Chi Minh city. The shop is just an area of yard, because the shop owner is a designer, the shop’s decoration is very lovely and cozy, located in a quiet residential area, near Ton Duc Thang University.

tra sua thai

Moreover, the menu with one price: 28,000 vnd is quite reasonable to number of people, particularly to students. The menu diversifies with sardine pan combination of cold food or xíu mại combined pate, sausage, etc. Especially the pate dish is made by the shop owner, tasty and quality. The shop daily opens from 6 am to 9pm. Any time you come,  you are always served.

Thai milk tea of Ne’mer Drinks has won praise of teenagers and office staffs recently. If visiting shop, let try a cup of fragrant milk tea featuring a country of golden pagoda. Besides, Thai green tea is varied with more than 10 floras and releases a soft fragrance. The tea only cost 25,000 dong with full of pearl, caramel, and cheese jelly.

The menu has many other dishes that is not less fascinating such as: Pad Thai, sausage kimpab, kimpab tuna, chicken wings fried with salt, Crème caramel flan, tofu, etc.  Price from 22,000 dong to 30,000 dong. There is also delivery service, you simply call the phone number: 0938 979 691 or via the Facebook page Ne’mer Drinks, you will be served as your best.

Ne’mer has special promotion on 3rd of August, only 28,000 dong, couples are able to enjoy two delicious and attractive sets of pan bread from 6th till the end on 3rd of August. Particularly on 3rd of August, the shop offers a special gift for all women. It is a cup of special Thai milk tea.

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