Patbingsu -an ideal refreshing dish in Saigon

The coolness of crushed ice and fresh eye-catching fruits contained in Patbingsu always are an ideal refreshing dish for Saigon people on sunny summer.

Patbingsu originates from Korean, similar to crushed ice dish in Vietnam, it is usually used on summer and gradually popular in Saigon. The interesting thing when enjoying Patbingsu is that you will feel the coolness of crushed ice melting in your mouth. If you keep little longer, ice will be totally melted and you will have a cup of fruit juice with different flavor from the first one of crushed ice. Because the ice used to be crushed is made from fresh fruit juice that is mixed with water.

The traditional Korean Patbingsu includes a big bowl of crushed ice, a bowl of red bean and a cup of green tea. When enjoying, you just mix such three dishes together. At present, this eating manner is no longer popular. Additional dishes are more simple and have various kinds of Patbingsu for your option.

Green Tea Patbingsu

tra xanh

This is kind of Patbingsu most like the traditional Patbingsu, instead of a cup of green tea, the chef usually pour green tea into the water that is used for crushed ice. Red bean is added above with little roasted peanut and green tea ice cream together with rice cake. Green tea Patbingsu has sweet flavor of red bean, greasy flavor of rice cake and fragrant green tea. If you are green tea lover, this is your right option.

Coffee Patbingsu

ca phe

All things creating a bowl of Patbingsu brings coffee flavor from crushed ice to green rice flakes, jelly, ice-cream, etc. with little almond for greasy flavor. This delicious and attractive dish will make you fresher on sunny days, break tiredness thanks to the coolness of ice and amount of caffeine enough in café.

Fruit Patbingsu

trai cay

The fruit Patbingsu is very eye-catching because of harmony mixture of tropical fruits. It has fragrant flavor of strawberry, sweetness of sugar cane, greasiness of milk and little sour of yogurt. All makes an appealing beverage that attracts most Saigon youth.

Passion Fruit Patbingsu

chanh day

Thanks to skillful mixed, the passion fruit Patbingsu is not too sour, just rather sweet. Beside crushed ice, the dish can not miss passion fruit jelly. The distinct flavor of passion fruit is absorbed in ice. The passion fruit is ranked as a kind of good fruit that help users release hotness, it is reason why it become an ideal beverage on summer.

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