Polish Tourists Enjoy Banh Tet and Vietnamese New Year calligraphy

Making cake by themselves, watching calligraphy or learning about the ritual practices of the ancestors with the meaning of fruit tray, etc. are so interesting activities for travelers in Vietnam on special occasion of Tet Holiday.

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Going to Vietnam on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, the Polish tourists spent an entire day to reach the traditional Vietnam Tet holiday.

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Before learning deeper on Tet holiday, Polish tourists visited some famous monuments of Ho Chi Minh City such as the Reunification Palace, War Remnants Museum, the General Post Office and Notre Dame Cathedral, etc.

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Mr and Mrs Danuta Zyblikiewicz Lubomir expressed particular concern with aircraft model that presented during the Vietnam War.

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However, the most exciting period for Polish tourists is when they have chances to know more about traditional customs of Tet holiday.

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Guests knew more new concepts as offerings to ancestors with fruit tray, apricot golden branches with red envelopes, etc. In which emphasizes the role of fruit tray with meaning for good things and prosperity for the whole family.

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Mr. Jan Siemionek, who was engaged on making banh Tet cakes, was happy to know that this is excellent cuisine of Southern people.

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To help visitors understand each stage of processing, the instructions guide every step carefully.

When enjoying banh tet cakes and some traditional dishes of Vietnam, many visitors had trouble using chopsticks. However, instead of giving up, they still try to go on and feel exciting in experiencing dining manner of Vietnam.

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Concluding the cultural approach of Vietnam traditional New Year, each Polish tourist was given a calligraphy picture as a gift.

Most people reported being very satisfied with their one day experience.

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Although that may not be obvious to all Vietnam Tet holiday, but 28 Polish tourists are generally observed that the Vietnam Tet has attracted them.

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