Ponds of lotus in Dong Thap Muoi, a peaceful place to visit at weekends

Speaking of Dong Thap Muoi is reminding of the famous saying in Vietnam “The lotuses are the most beautiful in Dong Thap Muoi”. The vast area of pink lotus spotted with yellow stamens and pleasant scent make the place amazingly peaceful. The best lotus scenery in Dong Thap Muoi belong to the lotus pond of My Hoa commune. For a day trip from Ho Chi Minh city, enjoying lotuses and tasting local food is a considerable experience.

A vast area of lotus

A vast area of lotus

About 150 kilometers from HCMC, the way to lotus field is quite easy for driving. With the area of nearly 20ha, not interfered by noisy vehicles and the crowded, the lotus feel is a huge space of amazing peace. The place is able to offer visitors the relative privacy thanks to its vast area, you can easily find a small quiet corner without the presence of strangers to chill out and let scented winds charm you.

Visitors can row to the middle of the lotus ponds

Visitors can row to the middle of the lotus ponds

It’s the best to be at the amazing place before 8AM to see lotuses blooming in the gentle morning sun, it’s also the time when winds gently surf on the lotus flowers and leaves bring the pleasant scent to all the corner of the place. Here you can stroll along narrow paths to admire the stunning lotuses or dress up in Vietnam traditional costumes to capture the memorable moments of your trip.

Or dress up to take photo shoots

Or dress up to take photo shoots

You can also row into the ponds, enjoy the rustic beauty of the rural area and live as a true farmer to pick flowers and catch fish with your own hands. Also in the vast area of lotus, at some hut, you can take a rest and enjoy the local delicacies while admiring the scenery and inhale the fragance floating in the air. And of course, these delicacies never miss parts of lotus, you will be deep in the delicious grilled fish in lotus leaves, lotus roots and shredded chicken salad, lotus sticky rice and dessert soup made of lotus seeds. And if you dare to try, grilled mouse is a must-try dish, it might be creepy thinking of it but the flavor is amazing.

And don't forget to enjoy the local delicacies

And don’t forget to enjoy the local delicacies

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