Pork Skin Bloating Fern-shaped Cake

banh beo

The dish pork skin bloating fern-shaped cakes from Bung market attach to Saigon from generation to generation and memories of coming back Lai Thieu on weekends to enjoy this unique delicacy.

The dish pork skin bloating fern-shaped cakes has been associated with the Bung market (name of a place in An Thanh commune, Thuan An – Binh Duong), and two famous names of the town is My Lien and Ngoc Huong (next to market entrance).

The history of this kind of cake is about 100 years, started from a vendor of fern-shaped cake on sidewalk, no plastic stools, customers just squat, then added small tables and now located in a spacious house. The famous owner My Lien who is maternal grandchild of the vendor now is over 60 years old.

Pork skin bloating fern-shaped cake’s ingredients include fern-shaped cake, pork skin and fish sauce but the way of making it is quite meticulous.

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First step is to pour fern-shaped cake. Nowadays many new technologies are applied so this step is also partly simplified. In the past, Binh Duong residents often dumped it into a bowl like Hue fern-shaped cake style. Pouring flour is also seen as an art because the final drop of flour should shut the cup to have a beautiful fern-shaped cake after being steamed.

Rice flour for pouring step is equally meticulous: rice is soaked overnight, then let it dry until no longer sour smells (fermented rice when soaked with water), pureed and mixed with water to form a dough.

Pork skin is also a mixture of thinly cut pork meat, ​​pork skin and roasted rice and two indispensable spices as garlic and salt). The secret of My Lien fern-shaped cake is that the pork meat is roasted until it turn soft yellow and then coconut water is cooked with roasted meat.

Fish sauce is the highlight of pork skin bloating fern-shaped cake, it is a mixture of fish sauce diluted with water and caramel. This cup of sauce is in harmony with many other delicacies of the restaurant as pork skin roll, pork skin noodles, spring rolls, etc.

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