Quang Nam – Explore the unique historical and cutural architectural complexes.

Van Thanh – Khong Mieu is a unique historical, cultural and artistic architectural complexes where converge  the tranditional value and folklore. This place becomes to the historical destination in Tam Ky.


Van Khanh – Khong Mieu is located on an area of 6000 m2 in the Phan Boi Chau, Tan Thach, Tam Ky. The monument relic include: the main hall, the rear hall, the bell tower – Thap chuong, and the empty tower – Thap Trong, Quang Nam ancient houses, the lotus lake and the Tam Quan gate.


This is the place to worship of Khong Tu and training about the Confusian thought with the original artistic architect. This is recognized as the national historical – Cultural heritage by the Ministry of Cuture, Sports and Tourism in 2006.


In the main house, it was designed with the 3 compartment and 2 sides and the dragons on the top with the gem in the middle of the top and the stylized clouds is stuck in the corner.


In the rear hall, where they put the altar of Khong Tu – in the center and another officials of the court.

In the next, there are 2 desirable house – rebuild in 2011 – where people can sit to wait before go to the main house.

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Follow the desirable house is  ancient house – reconstruction in 2011 with the wood carvings, Yin – Yan roof tiles. All is designed by the craftsmen of Hoi An Village.


This old folk house is used at the annual sacrifice, where to prepare the offerings for the rituals before putting them in the main hall to conduct the ceremony. It is also used for meetings, painting competition, chess competition or believers stop before do the ceremony.


The large yard is lined with the beautiful bricks looks like to shape of a chessboard, which is the venue for activities of festivals meetings, competitions,…


Pass to the ancient house, you will go to the semicircle lake with bridge is build by rocks, bricks. The banks of the lake are embanked neat rocks to prevent landslides. It looks very beautiful.


In the gate has 4 pillars built of mallet bricks painted and square base, the blooming lotus flower on the top pillars like 2 markers written on the blue sky. The shadow fall into semicircular lake.


Beside the folk space, you can go to the peaceful and quite garden to relax


In order to preserve and promote traditional cultural relics. Nowadays, people go to the Van Thanh – Khong Mieu to sightseeing. Especially, on the January festival, there are often activities of folklore activities imbued with national identity, hornoring Ha Dong’s studious tradition and encouraging learning.


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