Reducing Hear in Summer with Korea Cold Noodles

A delicious bowl of cold noodle contains brown noodle pieces that were wrapped in bundles, covered with beef meat, boiled egg, sliced cucumbers, pears and particularly spicy sauce.

In summer, although you do not need to travel Korea, you still have chance to enjoy the cool and comfortable feeling with summer menu in the restaurant chain of Gogi House Barbecue.

Korean cleverly advertises their cuisine via films and has become a distinct cultural trend. If Vietnamese youth has long been familiar to black soya noodle “Jajiang”, “Naeng” is a new dish that has recently appeared in Vietnam and looks quite strange because of its unique feature and meticulous processing.

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Korean cuisine is cleverly combined with its movies.

The spreading of traditional Korean cuisine, particularly, Korea barbecue in street style is favored in Vietnam market. And the cold noodles continues is key words to search for summer dishes because of many reasons.

The cold noodle Naengmyeon is known as a traditional Korean dish and named much in historiography under Joseon dynasty, noodles were made of barley powder mixed with little potato or sweet potato, served with kimchi dongchini or cold boiled meat water. When enjoying, the chief mix sliced pork meat or beef meat and a boiled egg or shredded chicken meat – delicious and not hot.

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In Korean language, “Naeng” means cold, “myoen” means noodle. The cold noodle was invented in winter. However, because of delicious taste, the dish has been popular and become distinct dish in summer. Korean elderly still like the cold dish in winter, but youths favor it and honor the dish as “summer king”.

Coming to Gogi House to enjoy the cold noodle, you will be served with a big iron bowl containing brown noodles that were wrapped in bunches with broth. On the surface, beef meat, sliced cucumber, pear, and special spicy Korean sauce are arranged on above. The interest is that a layer of cold ice as ice cream makes the dish a distinct feature and hard to resist. If quick look, it is easy to see it as a cold dessert.

Gogi House Branches at Ho Chi Minh city

- Gogi House Superbowl, A43 Truong Son, ward 2, Tan Binh district.

- Gogi House Nguyen Thai Hoc, 189 – 191 Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Ward Pham Ngu Lap, District 1.

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