Relaxing Corner For Flower Lovers in Saigon

The coffee shop on a small attic is known for its tranquility and romantic surroundings as being decorated with fresh flowers and replaced each day.

Located in a small alley on Pham Ngoc Thach Street, District 3, Flower Attic coffee is well known by the romantic atmosphere. Here, you will enjoy the sweet aroma of fresh flowers decorated in the shop.

As its name, the coffee shop is always filled with fresh flowers in cute vases that are designed by the owner. You can enjoy flowers at anywhere in the shop like on the tables, shelves, or stairs. In addition, walls are decorated with still life paintings. It gives visitors relaxing and peaceful like being lost in the world of flowers in the fairy tale.

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The cafe has a capacity of more than 30 people. Here, guests will enjoy the comfort with soothing melodies.

Overcoming the protruding staircase, a roof top of the cafe appears with green space of trees and tidy hanging flower pots. You will have to go up gently and carefully and then immersed in airy atmosphere. Many visitors chose the rooftop for sightseeing.

With an art and lovely space, you will get beautiful pictures. Many couples are choosing the café for their wedding album.

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Guests here can relax by reading interesting books put on the shelf.

Enjoy yourself in a space full of flowers, you’ll see it better to sip a cool blueberry ice cream, and feel its greasy flavor melting in the mouth. Flower Attic offers a variety of menus with kinds of coffee, hot teas at wide range of flavors, smoothie ice cream, etc. with an average price of VND 55,000. Or you can call yourself an egg pie with special flavor.

Ballads or classical tunes are carefully selected. You will not regret to visit Flower Attic in a rainy afternoon of Saigon.

In addition, Flower Attic also sells souvenirs as flower baskets, bouquets, vases, wreaths, paintings, frames, etc. You can select an item as a gift for family and friends in a special occasion.

Between the bustling city, many people are looking the freedom by staying in an alley somewhere to listen to the clear sounds of life. You sit there, according to the music rhythm and recognize a peaceful Saigon.

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