Reverie Saigon Hotel – A Diamond Of Saigon

Aside from a bustling and young urban city, Saigon- Ho Chi Minh city also is the most classy and gorgeous city of Vietnam. Visiting Saigon, a lot of people will be surprised at its beauty as “a Pearl of the Far East”. Saigon Luxurious hotels partly contribute to the magnificent of Saigon. Despite newborn, Reverie Saigon hotel has made many tourists overwhelmed with the flashy and most luxurious beauty in Saigon. Together with Saigon- online discover Reverie Saigon Hotel – A Diamond of Saigon.

Reverie Saigon Hotel  (1)

Luxurious space of Reverie Saigon hotel

Situated on top floors of the twin towers named Times Square, the elegance and luxury of the Reverie Saigon hotel make visitors think of the image of a modern New York city. The splendid and luxurious beauty of Reverie Saigon hotel will make any traveler, even the most difficult customer, will be pleased with the services and utilities that Reverie Saigon hotel brings. At Reverie Saigon Hotel, you will take a full trip to Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City.

Reverie Saigon Hotel  (2)

Times Square by night

Located on Nguyen Hue Avenue- a central street of Saigon, Reverie Saigon hotel shall be a wonderful place for anyone, no matter who you are, a traveler or a businessman in Ho Chi Minh city. From Reverie Saigon hotel, it is convenient to travel famous tourist attractions of Saigon such as: Ben Thanh market, Notre Dame Cathedral, Reunification Palace, Dragon House Wharf, etc. Furthermore, from any room of Reverie Saigon hotel, it is easy to view Nguyen Hue walking street- the most modern walking street in Vietnam.

Reverie Saigon Hotel  (3)

The Times Square on sunset

Despite a central street of Saigon, Nguyen Hue street is quite peaceful and not too noisy; hence, Reverie Saigon hotel surely bring customers moments of relaxation and comfortable feelings. Reverie Saigon hotel will be an ideal destination for those who want to find a peaceful place in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City.

Reverie Saigon Hotel  (4)

Gorgeous space as a palace of Reverie Saigon hotel

Hotel exterior was designed with fairly modern architecture, so when stepping inside you can feel all the luxuries of Reverie Saigon hotel. Entering the hotel you will have a sense of being into a real castle. Reverie Saigon hotel’s hall is designed in classic European style mixed with modern elements. Staying in Reverie Saigon hotel, you will feel as being in the most luxurious hotels- The Plaza in New York.

Reverie Saigon Hotel  (5)

Luxurious hall of The Reverie Saigon hotel

Along with the design of the hall, all rooms at The Reverie Saigon hotel are designed in classic royal European style or modern style. The most luxurious hotel in Saigon includes 286 rooms with a total of 12 different styles of interior design. In spite of difference in interior design, all will give you a majestic and noble space as all rooms are decorated with brand-new furniture from Italy as Provasi, Colombostile, Giorgetti, Visionnaire.

Reverie Saigon Hotel  (6)

Perfectly luxurious bedroom

Besides giving you an extremely impressive and luxurious space to rest, Reverie Saigon hotel will also bring you high class services. The pool area includes a large swimming pool, a children’s pool and a hot tub would be an ideal place for you to relax on hot summer days of Saigon streets. Spa and gym service would be a great place for you to cherish and care for your body with top services.

Reverie Saigon Hotel  (7)

Perfect pool space of The Reverie Saigon hotel

Not only gives you a comfortable space to relax, Reverie Saigon hotel will also provide you perfect services as your class. With leading services, you will really become the “princes and princesses” at The Reverie Saigon Hotel. The luxury cars like Bentley or Rolls-Royce Phantom Dragon will be completely ideal vehicles for you under the harsh heat of Saigon. If you want a perfect trip for yourself, butler service and a private chef will be a great suggestion for you.

Reverie Saigon Hotel  (8)

Space luxurious of The R & J Italian Lounge and Restaurant

If you are a gourmet, the perfect culinary space of Reverie Saigon Hotel will make you satisfied. With subtle beauty of engraved walls in mosaic style together with the Italian food made by Italian chef, R & J restaurant is named after legendary great work of Shakespeare writer, Romeo & Juliet – would be an ideal place for the traditional Italian cuisine.

Reverie Saigon Hotel  (9)

Long Trieu Restaurant in Asian style

Long Trieu Restaurant with traditional Quang Dong cuisine with elegant and completely separated interior design would be a great place to show your class. The Deli or Cafe Cardinal will be particularly suitable place for those who want to find an elegant culinary space but high class. Inspired from charming sidewalk coffee shops in Paris, The Long @ Times Square will be a perfect excellent space for dating.

Reverie Saigon Hotel  (10)

Long @ Times Square area

With sumptuous architectural and splendid space together with most luxurious services, Reverie Saigon Hotel deserves one of the top 11 new hotels by CNN poll. Come to Reverie Saigon Hotel, you will really have great moments in Saigon – the city of the most sumptuous Vietnam.

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