Review of Saigon People

cho ben thanh 2Ben Thanh market

Saigon people have some familiar dishes, especial broken rice. They eat the broken rice both for breakfast and dinner. For those who go out for drink, then surely hunger for a dish of rice with ribs. They shall drop in on a sidewalk shop and taste it before going sleep.

Saigon people are in the habit of morning café on sidewalk, a pot of hot tea and some newspaper and then sitting under rows of high trees to look people going around. Breakfast of Saigon people is very simple such as: Vietnamese Thick Noodle Soup, rice noodle, Chinese noodle soup, Northern noodle soup, etc.

la van tam parkLe Van Tam park

Saigon people have no concept of the upper class. A boss with Mercedes also sits on the sidewalk and has a drink as other people. Hot girls and boys also have meal at the sidewalk like workers as long as they have enough money to pay.

Saigon people like going out for drink. When they are in happy or sad, have money or out of money, they all like going out for drink.

Saigon people do not go for drink at noon, they only have a drink at night, mid-night and morning. They go out for drink to share and release remaining of a day and when waking up, they will forget it and continue their work.

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