Rice Noodle Soup of Ba Nam Sa Dec

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“Unique brand”

Time passed and sank many things into oblivion, but when talking to Ba Nam Sa Dec, people remembered a dish of rice noodle soup Sa Dec and vice versa. The real name of Ba Nam Sa Dec is Nguyen Kim Chung, born in Tan Khanh Dong village, Sa Dec (now Tan Khanh Dong commune, Sa Dec city, Dong Thap district). Despite her reputation, after 1973 due to difficult life in theater and cinema so Ba Nam Sa Dec tried to earn her living and opened a Rice Noodle Soup store in Saigon. Her reputation initially ensured the store’s operation, but the most important thing is too tasty noodles.

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According to Mr. Nhat Thong, Da Sec Association of Science and History, rice noodle soup of  Ba Nam Sa Dec carries the flavor of her hometown Sa Dec. Noodle threads are soft but not friable and tough, not sour, flavor of new rice, fresh white color of milk. It is orally transmitted that the noodle cake powder was daily taken from Tan Phu Dong village ( Sa Dec). Customers can order meat or pork bone rice noodle soups that all are tender and fragrant, especially you can not find elsewhere. Because this flavor was made by a skillful cook Ba Nam during the  process of cooking at the appropriate temperature.

After 1975, this rice noodle soup store worked in a short time. Now, the store is still there but has changed owner. Unfortunately, Ba Nam passed away but her descendants nobody maintain and develop the “unique brand”.

But today, passing An Hoa ward, Sa Dec city, tourists and natives see an eatery with name ” Ba Nam Sa Dec Rice Noodle Soup”. Because of admiring Ba Nam Da Sec, the shop owner opened the shop named after the rice noodle soup of  Ba Nam Sa Dec.

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