Rice Wrapped Of Lotus Leaves In Saigon

When gently open the lotus leaf, a layer of hot smoke rises together with the faint scent of rice, fresh lotus seeds, mushrooms and peas, etcRice Wrapped Of Lotus Leaves In Saigon

It can be said that steamed rice with lotus leaf is a dish with elegant look, and the quality inside shows the gaudy so that anyone who once ate are hard to forget. The steamed rice with lotus leaf previously appeared in court, but it now is more common. It is served as a substitute for white rice.

To process this dish, the chef does not just clean washing rice and cook it. It requires meticulous stages. Rice used for this dish must be a good kind of rice: fragrant, clear, small and long seeds. After washing rice, leave it drained, and then steam it.

Rice Wrapped Of Lotus Leaves In Saigon

The steamed rice with lotus leaf is a dish with elegant look

Next, boil lotus seeds and peas until soft, curetted coconut is quickly washed with hot water and left it drained. The chef will fry onion on a hot oil pan and then mix all above ingredients together with shrimp, sliced meat, mushroom, etc. Finally, pour cooked rice into the mixture and stir it, add spices and finish the dish.

The way to shape the steamed rice with lotus leaves is also very important. No matter how much tasty the food is, it does not have a good look; customers will feel it incomplete. Lotus leaf must be thoroughly washed, then dry and spread out, for an amount of mixed rice with freshly prepared ingredients into the middle, gently wrapped and taken it to be steamed.

The scent of steamed lotus leaves is blended with one of rice. Within 15 minutes, the dish is finished. When you eat, you can use a knife or hand to separate the lotus leave into 5 parts. This dish is served with soy sauce. In Saigon, you can eat the steamed rice with lotus leaf at Hue cuisine stores, with the price of VND 60,000/ course.

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