Saigon Backpacker Hostel- A Modern Space In Saigon

An adequate space and reasonable price for backpackers, hostels are the ideal location for many tourists. The innovation of hotel business at tourist attractions creates a new and cozy space. Today, we introduce a cozy space for backpackers; it is Saigon Backpacker Hostel.

Unlike the “hotel”, “hostel” is simply understood as the hotel meeting basic needs of temporary stay, not a place of rest. It is a place to lay back for backpackers. They get energy to continue the next journey. Hostel will serve “family” rooms with comfortable personal bunk beds. Thereby, strange backpackers will make friend each other and share a room as well as travel information. Hostel also has private rooms as a normal “hotel” but the price is also much softer.

Saigon Backpacker Hostel- A Modern Space In Saigon

Right in luxurious and expensive Saigon, there are such these cute hostels. Sai Gon Backpacker Hostel is situated on district 1. From here, you can easily walk to famous tourist attractions such Notre Dame Cathedral, Nguyen Hue walking street, etc.

Saigon Backpacker Hostel (1)

From Sai Gon Backpacker Hostel, it is easy to discover Saigon.

If Da Lat hostels bring strange and cozy feelings, Sai Gon Backpacker Hostel serves luxurious and modern spaces. Not too colorful and luxurious, it is just decorated with necessary and simple items but very sophisticated.

Saigon Backpacker Hostel (2)

Luxurious white color tone

Saigon Backpacker Hostel (3)

Clean single rooms

Unlike hotels or busy streets on Pham Ngu Lao street (one of Saigon streets for foreigners), tourists will enjoy fresh and comfortable atmosphere. Sai Gon Backpacker Hostel is a good choice for a Saigon trip with friends and enjoy the feeling of sleeping on bunk beds.

Saigon Backpacker Hostel (4)

Quiet space unlike busy outside

Saigon Backpacker Hostel (5)

Convenient and clean

Moreover, Sai Gon Backpacker Hostel has a common space for customers. Watch TV, play billiard or surf web.

Saigon Backpacker Hostel (6)

Using computer

Hostels with unique decorations are a new trend for hotel business. Furthermore, it also creates nice and reasonable stay for backpackers. Now, do not worry about an expensive Saigon trip, such these hostels are great choices for you.

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