Saigon By Night View From Above

As the most bustling city in Vietnam, Saigon by night view from above seems to never go sleep with light on all streets and buildings that create a shimmering scene.

Saigon By Night View From Above (1)

With more than 300 years of establishment and development, Saigon today changes much and becomes an economic and politic center of Vietnam. It is easy to recognize the increasing number of high buildings. The photo is taken from a high building on Dong Khoi street.

Saigon By Night View From Above (2)

Thu Thiem bridge crossing Saigon river is also one of a new life symbol of the city. The modern bridge connects Binh Thanh district with Thu Thiem new urban area, district 2.

Saigon By Night View From Above (3)

As description of Saigon people, Saigon river divides the city into two parts. On side is a deserted land and the other side is bustling high buildings.

Saigon By Night View From Above (6)

A new view of Notre Dame Cathedral from above. This is must- visit destination when traveling Saigon. Apart from coffee serving on the ground, this place is chosen to take place entertainment activities of the city.

Saigon By Night View From Above (8)

Seen from outside, the whole church from the roof to the wall is a red brick color. Features of such these bricks and tiles are to preserve its original color from the date of construction to now and against mildew.

Saigon By Night View From Above (7)

Standing on the roof of Law University of Ho Chi Minh city, tourists are able to see Saigon zoom- out and look forward to Dragon House wharf. Right nearby is Khanh Hoi bridge connecting district 1 and district 4.

Saigon By Night View From Above (4)

Saigon wharf works both day and night. It is a seaport system as southern gateway in import and export activities.

Saigon By Night View From Above (5)

Shopping is favorite activity of tourists in Saigon. Aside from markets, Saigon has a lot of bustling trade centers that open in the morning and close at late night, meet both shopping demands and entertainment & eating requiring.

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